Every day, our community cats face risks from bad human decisions, especially when there are complaints about them. Cat Welfare Society is the intervening body tackling over 2000 such cat issues every year. We advocate humane solutions that prevent cats from being impounded and culled.

With your help, we have made significant strides in defending the voiceless. Last year, the national impoundment number for cats fell below 800, a far cry from the dark days when over 10,000 cats could be euthanized for no reason but existing.

But all this comes at a cost.

Responding quickly to cases of complaints, hoarding, irresponsible breeding, neglect and abuse costs the Society around $600,000 every year. And our work is far from over.

Your donation ensures that we can sterilize up to 5000 cats in a year and that our mediators can keep engaging Town Councils, government agencies, estate managers, intolerant feedback providers and irresponsible cat owners.


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