Join Our Team

If you have a deep passion for the welfare of our community cats, we challenge you to go beyond and be a cat hero. Join the merchandise team at Cat Welfare Society to raise funds that goes toward the essential work we do.

Online Store Operation

We've just set up this store to call our own and we need experts to help us grow this social enterprise!

We are in need of volunteers who are able to:

  • Spare a few hours a week to pack and process orders at our Cat HQ
  • Photograph our merchandise and upload them on the site
  • Source for and market our merchandise to drive sales to fund our cause

Event Helpers

Cat Welfare Society goes to and host various events frequently! A merchandise booth is always present to help raise funds.

We are in need of volunteers who are able to:

  • Help with logistics and moving merchandise
  • Get activated to handle all sales at the booth
  • Display merchandise to best appeal to shoppers