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Vetaquinol Aluspray (Aerosol Bandage)

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Each gram contains:
Aluminum Powder .................................40 mg

Aluspray is a great product for applying to wounds and acts as a protective barrier stopping further infection.

Aluspray acts as a protective bandage for wounds in small and large animals. Allows wound to breathe, yet will not allow dirt or insects to infect wounds. Aluspray is a water-resistant aerosol bandage for use on large and small animals An aluminum powder based spray that adheres to cuts, scrapes and wounds. Keeps dirt and bacteria out while allowing wound to heal and breathe. Apply after disinfecting the wound.

Water Resistant
AluSpray contains a proprietary carrier that causes the active wound-protective formula to adhere to the skin without washing off in hot or cold water. AluSpray can be easily removed with soapy water to inspect the wound. The usual reapplication of AluSpray is daily to every three days to insure that an optimal bacterial barrier is maintained.

Essential To Wound Recovery
AluSpray Aerosol Bandage allows the wound to oxygenate (breathe), aiding wound healing.
AluSpray may also be applied over ointment or salves.

AluSpray may be used safely on superficial wounds for protection against bacterial contamination.
AluSpray does not contain sulfa or other antibiotics, making it permissible to use on food animals.