About Us

We're cat people and cat mamas like you. Cat Mama Shop has stuff for both cats and humans alike. Cat Mama Shop is a small online store initiated by Cat Welfare Society to raise funds for our cause.

Cat Welfare Society is a Singapore based charity that advocates the harmonious co-existence of humans and cats. We are at the forefront of humane management of the community cat population and educating the importance of responsible cat ownership. 

For years, we have campaigned against the destruction of cats by offering a more effective and long term solution - education and sterilisation. As a charity, we function as a network of dedicated volunteers that work towards the same goal - saving lives everyday. 

We are run by volunteers and much of our achievements are the work of our network of selfless caregivers undertake rescue, foster and re-homing programmes to save cats. 

The Society is also not funded or affiliated with the government and most of the funding comes from donors. Funding is a huge challenge, and we scrape by each year doing the best we can by cats who need us. 

Shop for pawsome things today, or make a donation and be a cat hero!