STICKERS - Introverts Unite by SteakandEggsPlease

STICKERS - Introverts Unite by SteakandEggsPlease

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A sticker that says you are an introvert without saying you are an introvert.
In a world that champions extroverted people while often times labeling introverted people as anti-social or socially awkward,
I like to remind people that introversion doesn't mean social awkwardness necessarily.
It just means we enjoy spending time by ourselves and don't need to be surrounded by people constantly.
Animals get a special pass though.

Cat is huddled up in a fuzzy blanket and surrounded by fluffy pillows with his favorite beverage.
With all his favorite sayings behind him, reminding people that he needs his own personal space.
Being alone doesn't mean we are lonely, it just means we need time to recharge. Respect that.

His posters read:
- Room For One
- Go Away
- I Came, I Saw, I Left Early (my favourite one)

These waterproof stickers measure about 5.3cm (~2.1") across and can fit on the back of a credit card sized card or phone.