STICKERS -Bless this Mess Sticker by SteakandEggsPlease

STICKERS -Bless this Mess Sticker by SteakandEggsPlease

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My room constantly looks like a hurricane came through, leaving a trail of detritus in its wake.
Every time I try to neaten it up, I end up not being able to find what I need. I try looking for said item, creating a mess again.
This cycle keeps looping through.
I've come to appreciate the mess in my room; that statement gives my wife hives.

My messy room is the inspiration of this sticker. Cats seem to enjoy messes too, they find many little spots to perch on.

A fun sticker for a fellow 'messy' person. Bless this mess!

These waterproof stickers measure about 8cm long (~3.15") and 6.8cm (~2.7") across. A good size for waterbottles, files, notebooks, laptop covers, etc.